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Why book with Dr Suresh?

Specialist Care

Specialist Care

Dr Suresh holds FRACGP and MRCGP

Long Appointment

Long Appointments

Up to 1 hour long or as long as you need

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

Prevent and Treat illness WITHOUT medications (where possible)


Hollistic Care

True whole-person care in a patient-centered approach. Treating the whole you

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Proven techniques for rapid AND sustained weight loss

Value for money


Not bringing you back uncessarily



Phone, Video call, Email, SMS. Telehealth is here to stay

minor procedures

Minor Procedures

Skin Cancer and Minor Procedures


Dr Suresh Khirwadkar is a UK-trained Doctor and has been practicing for over 12 years and has a very high level of training. He has Specialist Qualifications and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practioners - FRACGP. He also holds MRCGP (UK) and has MBChB and BSc from University of Leicester in the UK.

He performs all aspects of General Practice, but his special interest areas including Lifestyle Medicine, Skin Cancer, Psychology and Mental Health, Weight loss and now also offering Concierge Medicine.

Dr Suresh is committed to delivering world class, excellent primary care to his patients and is always looking for more ways to help his patients to improve their health and prevent and treat their medical conditions, without drugs where possible.

Why should I see Dr Suresh? Many of the patients I see feel fobbed off by their usual doctor, or they simply don't spend long enough with them to really explore their issues and help them to tackle their problems without just resorting to medications. It is often said that Doctors are too quick to reach for medications - well this is actually true. Dr Suresh tries to help his patients through long appointments, holistic care, and proper lifestyle interventions and mental health support, not just reaching for medications.

Dr Suresh has also created his own health and nutrition podcast called The Meat Medic Podcast. You can listen and subscribe here


Dr Suresh is a private billing doctor, and as such he charges fees for all of his work including consultations. Procedures will also incur fees and a quotation will be provided on request. Fees are fair and generally at or below the recommended fee schedule (usually well below for procedures). Bulk billing is only available in extreme hardship.

General Practice

Dr Suresh offers all aspects of General Practice including minor illness, trauma, vaccinations, chronic disease management and screening programs. Mens and Women's health and paediatric care also. Special interests including Mental Health, Skin Cancer, Lifestyle Medicine and Weight loss.

Lifestyle Medicine

Different to conventional medicine, Lifestyle Medicine aims to prevent and treat chronic illness and illhealth without the need for medications! By focussing on lifestyle interventions and proper nutrition, diet, physical activity, sleep and mental health Dr Suresh may just be able to help you!

Weight Loss

Please see Dr Suresh for simple, sustainable, proven weight loss techniques, with or without medications. We all know we need a good diet and exercise to lose weight, but how do we know our diet is the right one? Well get your blood tests first, check to see WHY you can't lose weight, and what can be done to fix it!


Dr Suresh has further training in Mental Health, Counselling and Psychology and offers his patients GP-Focussed Psychological Strategies GP-FPS) - Mostly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy. Ties in very well with his lifestyle medicine and weight loss service.

Skin Cancer

All aspects if Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, from simple spot checks to full head to toe body checks. Biopsies and surgical treatments offered including advanced techniques for removal and repair of skin cancers. Dr Suresh also offers lots of other minor procedures like toe nail excisions and simple cosmetic removals (e.g. mole removal)

Corporate Health

Please speak to Dr Suresh to discuss Wellness screening and treatment programs for businesses, including corporate skin check programs, mental health and lifestyle medicine. Ensure your employees are getting the best possible lifestyle to reduce their illness and time off sick with physical or mental health illness.

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