Dr Suresh is a UK-trained Specialist GP and skin cancer doctor in Brisbane. He consults at Kenmore General Practice / Australian Skin Cancer Clinic.

He was born and raised in the UK and completed both his undergraduate and postgraduate training in England, and since has emigrated to Australia in early 2017.

Initially moving to New South Wales, Dr Suresh has since moved to Brisbane and settled here. He lives in Brisbane with his two young daughters, Lily and Charlotte, and his wife Imogen.

Since arriving in Australia he has pursued his interest in Skin Cancer and has undertaken further training in this field. Recently he has completed the Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery (Healthcert) and is currently working towards his Diploma in Skin Cancer Surgery and Diploma in Dermatoscopy.

Working in partnership with patients

As a Specialist General Practitioner, Dr Suresh prides himself on delivering high-quality care and is keen to work in partnership with his patients. He believes that the key to providing good quality, long-lasting healthcare, is to work in partnership with his patients and to provide education and information to help his patients make informed decisions.

This helps empower you to look after your own health as much as possible and be able to make decisions on your care.

Dr Suresh is a big believer in having the patients in the driving seat, being responsible for their care, and make decisions about themselves.

As he says, “no decision about you, without you”


Other Interests

Dr Suresh is an avid health blogger, and runs his own YouTube channel as well.

His other interests include amateur furniture making and playing his sax and piano.


The Honest Dooctor

Dr Suresh’s YouTube Channel – The Honest Doctor. Here he gives open, honest health advice and lifestyle information, for free. The aim is to combat misinformation on the internet. 


Dr Suresh blogs on this website, but also on his other site Medspace. Medspace is a place to collect and share stories on health and lifestyle from himself and other doctors.

Working Dad

Dr Suresh also has his own personal blog on Working Dad. It’s a place for him to just unwind and write his thoughts. He often posts there about his tech and other interests. 

“I like to take a holistic approach to care. I pride myself on working in partnership with patients to achieve the best health for them. There’s no one-size-fits-all to chronic disease management, individualised care is required”

Dr Suresh Khirwadkar

GP and Skin Cancer Doctor


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how to do a self skin check for skin cancer

Do you know how to check yourself for signs of melanoma or skin cancer?

Dr Suresh discusses how to perform a self-skin check, how frequently, and what you should look for

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Are you worried about melanoma? Do you need a skin check?

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