Exciting Things Are Happening - stay tuned

Exciting Things Are Happening - stay tuned

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Dr Suresh Khirwadkar

Great things are on their way

It's been a very busy few weeks for me, redesigning my whole website from the ground up, coding it from scratch as I covered here, but there's no way I'm done yet!

Apart from more blog posts on everything lifestyle and weight loss, I'm also planning on creating a whole suite of courses on Lifestyle Medicine, Weight Loss, Nutrition and Diet, Sleep, and other health concerns.

Why am I doing this?

Doing blogs is great. It's great fun and a good way to communicate with people, but really my patients are begging me for as much information as they can possibly get. They don't want to go to random internet sites, or Dr Google for information. No they want me to give it to them, in the way I know how - simple and easy enough to understand, yet detailed and complex enough to actually help.

Unfortunately this all takes time, and time is the one thing we often just don't have much of.

My patients will know since I started doing a lot more of this Lifestyle Medicine I've been inundated with patients, seeking weight loss advice, help with their sleep, help with their arthritis, aches and pains, or just bizarre random symptoms that nobody else can find the reason for.

This is great for business, however it's not great for my patients as now I tend to run late (which I absolutely hate doing), all because I'm spending too long explaining to patients. The problem is, there's just so much to explain, it's impossible to do so quickly. For example, I had a consultation just this morning with a couple that took almost an hour because there's just so much to talk about, and we barely scratched the surface.

This means I either run late (hate it) or I bring people back for lots of repeat appointmetns (which I also don't really like). So, as my patients have been asking of me, I finally decided it was time to get to making some online material that they can consume in their own time.

I already made my insulin resistance post which is proving very helpful and already getting lots of attention, but I want to add so much more. I have so many topics to cover, like:

  • Weight Loss
  • Poor sleep
  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Blood tests

I mean the list is endless

I could write blog posts about all of it, in super detail, but they would be immense and take a very long time to read. Also, unfortuantely, it would be an issue for me as at the end of the day, I am a business, and giving away free health advice in such detail, well it isn't good for business.

What will I make?

I'm going to make courses, paid courses that patients and in fact any body else can check out, sign up and learn along at their own pace. Covering all aspects of lifestyle medicine and weight loss.

It will take a long time, but I will get there.

I'm likely to it on the platform: Teachable as it's super easy to use for both me and everyone else.

There will be some free courses, but most will be paid courses as above, but they will be incredibly detailed (hence why it's going to take a while to create).

They will have different prices, reflecting how long it takes to create and consume them. Some will be quite cheap, others will be more expensive but well worth the money.

My hope is to make a dedicated site where my patients can learn all about lifestyle medicine and all aspects of health and nutrition, straight from me, without even having to step foot outside the house, and in their own spare time.

It's exciting!

It's a really exciting time for me and my patients and I'm really happy I'm deciding to finally doing all this. I've wanted to for so long, I just have finally found the drive to do it all - all down to me following my own advice on Lifestyle Medicine (also why and how I've lost about 15kg in 3 months and 15% body fat - stay tuned for that post).

I expect to start getting some courses out soonish, within a month I hope, but I do have lots of other stuff going on at the moment so it's really a busy timne.

  • I've got my Lifestyle Medicine Board Certification to study for.
  • I'm also leading 3 new Facebook groups which already have almost 1000 members combined in just a few days for like-minded GPs who either have special interest areas or want to get involved with special interests
  • I'm also being asked to Mentor other GPs on how they can provide better care for their patients and make the switch to private billing their patients - something I know that isn't that popular, but is necessary to provide better care
  • I've ear-marked more websties to make also - my own personal site, my whole food diet site and my Transition to Private Billing Site for other GPs who want to provide world class excellent care but need help on the transition to private billing.
  • In my personal life I'm also moving house and have 3 kids to look after

So much going on!

Still more things to add to this website like back and forward buttons and an index for my blogs (not really needed with only 3 now, but will be needed soon).

Stay tuned for more blog posts - in particular Weight Loss and Lifestyle Medicine and of course my Teachable School.

My very first Teachables course is now live - Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine - please go check it out - it's free!

Dr Suresh Khirwadkar is a Lifestyle GP specialising in all aspects of Primary Care, Skin Cancer, Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine. He did his undergraduate and post graduate training in the UK, currently practices in Australia and holds MBChB, BSc (HONS), MRCGP, FRACGP
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