Dr Suresh is a GP and skin cancer doctor in Brisbane, and patients can book with him at this link

Ever wondered what doctors really think about patients googling their symptoms? Well check out my new video on my YouTube channel. Make sure you hit that like and subscribe button, and of course comment to let me know content you want to hear.

In the video I discuss what doctors think about patients googling symptoms, why they get annoyed, and my personal take on it. I explain why it can be really useful in some situations, and also how to avoid offending your doctor.

There’s also some tips on some websites you can check out as a patient to get good, peer reviewed evidence based information.

There’s a follow up video in the pipeline – do patients hate it when doctors google their symptoms? Make sure you subscribe to be notified when that’s released.

My next video released Sunday is about Cervical Screening (pap smears) so check that out if you are interested.

Dr Suresh is a GP and skin cancer doctor in Brisbane, and patients can book with him at this link


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how to do a self skin check for skin cancer

Do you know how to check yourself for signs of melanoma or skin cancer?

Dr Suresh discusses how to perform a self-skin check, how frequently, and what you should look for

Dr Suresh Khirwadkar - How to do a skin check

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what is a skin check

Are you worried about melanoma? Do you need a skin check?

It's recommended to get annual skin checks for skin cancer. If you are overdue or worried about a mark or mole, then book here for either a mole check or full head to toe skin check with Dr Suresh. 

You can read more about skin cancer here or on Dr Suresh's blog

Book here for a skin check with Dr Suresh

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