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Why pay for Concierge Medicine?

Specialist Care

Specialist Care

As a specialist GP he can refer for almost any scan or blood test

Long Appointment

Long Appointments

Up to 1 hour long or as long as you need

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

Prevent and Treat illness WITHOUT medications (where possible)


Hollistic Care

True whole-person care in a patient-centered approach. Treating the whole you

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Proven techniques for rapid AND sustained weight loss

Value for money


A monthly subscription is cheaper than regular appointments



Phone, Video call, Email, SMS all available including out of hours

minor procedures

Out of hours care

You are busy. You want your GP available when you want them!

What is Concierge Medicine?

Regular appointments cost a lot of money, especially for expert care and the time it requires to deliver that expert care. It also requires you to take time off work, sometimes for just really simple things like medical certificates. You are busy, you don't want that! You want your doctor to be available to you whenever you need them. This is what Concierge Medicine can offer. Dr Suresh can be available between 7am and 10pm every day of the week, with home visits or even visits to your work place can be arranged (some notice required).

He performs all aspects of General Practice, but his special interest areas including Lifestyle Medicine, Skin Cancer, Psychology and Mental Health, Weight loss. Most of this can be delivered by telehealth, or if not a home visit / work visit can be arranged in advance. Surgical procedures cannot be completed at work/home, these will be done in the clinic only.

What's easier than simply just sending an SMS or a WhatsApp message to your doctor? If a consult is required, you will receive a call back as sooon as possible and if a longer consult is needed an appropriate time will be arranged with you and agreed in advance. No extra charges for consultations for Concierge patients - your subscription covers it all.

Concierge patients can usually enjoy priority appointments with other Specialists when referred by Dr Suresh. Being seen sooner is very beneficial for many conditions. Please note this is not always available, and the subscription does not pay for other specialists. No priority available in the public health system.

Subscription servicess have no Medicare or Private Health Rebates available unfortunatley. Prices are per person. Discounts available for whole families. Please speak to Dr Suresh for further details.

Care Your Way

There's some limitations, but not many. Concierge patients enjoy excellent specialist care at a time that is convenient to them, without the hassle of having to wait for appointments.

Lifestyle Medicine

Helping you improve your long term health, checking your vitamin levels and minerals, and lifestyle interventions to keep you fit and healthy for many years to come

Weight Loss

Proven techniques for weight loss, both rapid and sustained. Medications can be utilised to further speed up the process. Concierge patients enjoy regular blood tests for monitoring


Need mental health support? Worried about privacy? Don't want your employer to know? All patients get full confidentiality, but Concierge patients do not need a referral or care plan

Rapid Scans

If you injure yourself, you may need a scan. And quickly! What's quicker than an SMS to Dr Suresh to get an X-ray, Ultrasound, CT or MRI scan? (scans costs not included)

Novel Tests Therapies

Referral to novel therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy for injuries, and tests such as gene testing for risk stratification. Speak to Dr Suresh for details.

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