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If you want to contact Dr Suresh for non-clinical enquiries please use email or use the form below. Please note this is for administrative purposes only and not for clinical enquiries

For Appointments: Call 07 3878 4555

For Emergencies: Call 000

Contact a Specific Reason


For appointments please call (07) 3878 4555 or book online


For results please phone (07) 3878 4555 and ask to speak to the nurse for results


If you need a referral please book an appointment with Dr Suresh to discuss. Otherwise if needed you can phone (07) 3878 4555 and speak to Dr Suresh and he may do a referral over the phone. Please note a charge will apply for this. There is no charge for resending lost referrals if they were done recently


If you need a prescription please phone (07) 3878 4555 to make an appointment. Otherwise for a lost prescription please call and Dr Suresh may re-issue the medication. Please note a fee will apply.

Urgent Care

If you need to see Dr Suresh or a nurse urgently please call (07) 3878 4555 and explain why it is urgent. Dr Suresh will see you that day if it’s essential, otherwise he may ask you make an appointment the following day

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Kenmore General Practice, 900 Moggill Road, Kenmore, Brisbane, 4069

Dr Suresh Khirwadkar


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how to do a self skin check for skin cancer

Do you know how to check yourself for signs of melanoma or skin cancer?

Dr Suresh discusses how to perform a self-skin check, how frequently, and what you should look for

Dr Suresh Khirwadkar - How to do a skin check

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what is a skin check

Are you worried about melanoma? Do you need a skin check?

It's recommended to get annual skin checks for skin cancer. If you are overdue or worried about a mark or mole, then book here for either a mole check or full head to toe skin check with Dr Suresh. 

You can read more about skin cancer here or on Dr Suresh's blog

Book here for a skin check with Dr Suresh

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