Skin cancer surgery and surgical procedures carry risks, as do any invasive procedures, and results cannot be guaranteed. Dr Suresh fully consents all his patients prior to any procedure with the risks involved, and encourages his patients to ask questions to ensure they are fully informed.

Please see Dr Suresh or speak to your usual GP if you have questions or concerns about any procedure. All health advice or information on this site and associated sites are intended to be general in nature. For specific advice please book an appointment with Dr Suresh or your usual GP to discuss your issues.


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how to do a self skin check for skin cancer

Do you know how to check yourself for signs of melanoma or skin cancer?

Dr Suresh discusses how to perform a self-skin check, how frequently, and what you should look for

Dr Suresh Khirwadkar - How to do a skin check

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what is a skin check

Are you worried about melanoma? Do you need a skin check?

It's recommended to get annual skin checks for skin cancer. If you are overdue or worried about a mark or mole, then book here for either a mole check or full head to toe skin check with Dr Suresh. 

You can read more about skin cancer here or on Dr Suresh's blog

Book here for a skin check with Dr Suresh

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