Dr Suresh is a mixed billing doctor but does offer bulk billing for some of his patients.

This means that for patients without a valid concession card or health care card then consultations are charged.

For patients with a concession card or health care card then consultations are bulk billed.

Children 15 and under are bulk billed for consultations.

Dr Suresh charges privately for his surgical procedures, including patients with concession cards and children.


Why do you charge a fee?

Dr Suresh believes that high quality care is paramount, and unfortunately Medicare rebates are simply not high enough for him to offer the kind of care he wants to. 

By charging a fee, Dr Suresh is able to spend more time with his patients, giving proper, holistic care, not rushing the patient out after 1 appointment, and generally being free to deliver a higher quality of care without the constraints of the ever reducing Medicare Rebate.


Unfortunately the Government simply does not want to invest in your health, and that is why Medicare rebates are so poor.

In its current model, Medicare priorities cheap, quick, low quality work. This is not how Dr Suresh wants to treat his patients.

Dr Suresh feels his fees are fair, indeed they are lower than most in the local area, and well below the AMA suggested fee schedule.


Benefits of Private General Practice

We understand that paying for healthcare is not something we like to do, however there are benefits vs bulk billing doctors.


Private billing allows Dr Suresh to spend more time with his patients, without having to rush his patients out to get the next one in to keep up his income.

Unfortunately Medicare priorities ‘6 minute medicine’ and Dr Suresh does not want to treat his patients like they are on a conveyer belt one after another.



Sometimes bulk billing doctors will have to cut corners and use cheaper quality materials to do the same job to cut costs.

Privately billing enables Dr Suresh to use proper materials and instruments for his procedures, to ensure you get the best possible outcome.



Those little extras that make life easier, sometimes they are worth paying for. General practice is no different in this regard.

Dr Suresh gives most results over the phone so you don’t need to take a day off work just to be told your results are normal which can be infruriating.


Health Checks and Care Plans

Health checks, e.g. Annual health checks, 40-49 health checks or ATSI health checks are bulk billed.

Care plans (GP management plan and Team Care Arragement) are also bulk billed

You will see the nurse first and then Dr Suresh will finish off the consultation with you to review and sign the paperwork

Mental Health Care Plans are also currently bulk billed for eligible patients.



Normal Consultations

$75 for a 15 minute appointment (rebate of $38.20). Out of pocket cost = $36.80


Long Consultations

$115 for a 30 minute appointment (rebate of $73.95). Out of pocket cost = $41.05


Mental Health

Care plans bulk billed. Consultations as per long consultation



Telephone scripts/referrals

$15 for a script/referral on the phone. Conditions apply


Care Plans / Health Checks

All care plans and health assessments are bulk billed



Bulk billed for eligible conditions, or if Gold Card, otherwise as per usual fees


Skin checks

As per standard consultations. Initial skin check long appointment, follow up or spot check 15 minute appointment


Skin biopsies

Shave and punch biopsies $100 (rebate $45.10). Out of pocket $54.90. Excision biopsies standard gap $100 (varies)



Surgery and other procedures

DVA gold card bulk billed, otherwise standard gap is $150 per procedure. For more complex procedures $250 gap

Why don’t you offer universal bulk billing?

Dr Suresh would love to be able to offer bulk billing for everything for every patient. However, due to progressive real-terms medicare cuts, it is just not possible.

Medicare simply does not care about you receiving good quality, holistic care. Despite the evidence showing that this is the best possible approach to patient care, Medicare continues to prioritise shorter and shorter appointments with their rebates.

Most doctors who offer bulk billing do so on a ‘one problem per appointment’ basis. Dr Suresh does not believe in this approach. He wants to offer his patients proper holistic care, dealing with all your issues in one appointment if possible. This is simply impossible with current Medicare rebates.

Dr Suresh knows that money can often be an issue, even for those on a good income. To help with costs he does not waste your time or money by bringing you back for needless appointments. He is happy to give most results over the phone or from the nurses calling you. This frees you up to continue your day and go to work and earn that money, rather than taking an entire day off and losing pay, only to be told your results are normal and go away. He feels this is a fair trade-off for privately charging.

If you are interested in reading more regards bulk billing vs private billing, please read my blog entry.

Dr Suresh


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