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Dr Suresh is a UK-trained Specialist GP and skin cancer doctor in Brisbane. He consults at Kenmore General Practice / Australian Skin Cancer Clinic.

As a specialist GP, Dr Suresh provides all aspects of General Practice and skin cancer care to his patients in Brisbane. He is passionate about delivering high-quality, long-lasting healthcare, and believes in working in partnership with patients to help empower them to take charge of their health.

Working in partnership with patients

As a Specialist General Practitioner, Dr Suresh prides himself on delivering high-quality care and is keen to work in partnership with his patients. He believes that the key to providing good quality, long-lasting healthcare, is to work in partnership with his patients and to provide education and information to help his patients make informed decisions.This helps empower you to look after your own health as much as possible and be able to make decisions on your care.Dr Suresh is a big believer in having the patients in the driving seat, being responsible for their care, and make decisions about themselves.As he says, “no decision about you, without you” 

What Services do you provide?

Dr Suresh is a GP and Skin Cancer Doctor in Brisbane and as such offers all aspects of General Practice and Skin Cancer to his patients.

As a GP Dr Suresh offers all patients all aspects of care, but in particular, he offers Skin cancer care, minor surgical procedures, men’s health, women’s health, antenatal care, paediatrics. Dr Suresh also offers Worker’s Compensation consultations.


Do you do skin checks?

Absolutely. Dr Suresh can perform skin checks for all his patients. Typically he suggests you get an annual skin check, but this depends on your risk factors.

Dr Suresh can either do a spot check (e.g. for a single mole) or a full head to toe skin cancer check. For further information see here


Do you see children?

Yes. Dr Suresh sees patients of all ages, from birth to the very end. He has training in paediatrics and paediatric surgery and is very confident in consulting with children. He knows that for children, seeing a doctor can be scary and intimidating, so he has a very calm and considered style to his consultations. Having children himself has taught him a lot about kids and how to make them feel at ease during a consultation.

He is happy to offer bulk billing to children aged 15 and under.


Do you bulk bill?

Dr Suresh is a mixed billing doctor. At present, he offers bulk billing to some of his patients. He offers bulk billing to those under 16 and patients with valid concession cards. This applies to GP consultations.

Skin checks, skin cancer surgery and minor procedures are privately charged, although the gap fee is small. Please see here for more information and the fee structure and why Dr Suresh does not offer bulk billing to all his patients.


I have a mental health condition. Do you treat mental health?

Mental health is an extremely important part of health, one that is unfortunately often neglected. Dr Suresh feels that mental health is just as important as other aspects of healthcare and is very experienced and happy to see patients with mental health conditions.

Do you just prescribe pills or will you listen to me?

Dr Suresh prides himself on providing holistic care to all his patients. He likes to work in partnership with his patients to come up with the best solutions to your problem, whether that includes medications or not. That means agreeing on the plan together.

Dr Suresh likes to reduce and stop medications where possible and does not like starting medications unless they are essential. He will happily talk you through the options before suggesting any treatment.


Do you do care plans?

Yes, Dr Suresh will happily do care plans for his patients, assuming all Medicare criteria are met and you will benefit from it. Dr Suresh does not believe in doing care plans for those patients who don’t benefit from them just to get the money from them.

Bulk billing is available for most care plans for patients with valid medicare cards.


Do you do health checks?

Health checks are a very important part of preventative care and are definitely General Practice work. Dr Suresh is happy to do health checks for those eligible, including ATSI health assessments.

Health checks are usually bulk billed for patients with valid medicare cards.


Do you do Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation can be a difficult experience to go through, often with lots of paperwork and hassle involved. Dr Suresh does do worker’s compensation care and is happy to work with companies and rehab providers as needed.

If you have a valid claim number Dr Suresh is happy to bill directly to the insurance company.


Can I see you for both General Practice and Skin Cancer?

Yes, you can. Dr Suresh does both GP and Skin Cancer work and is happy to do both for all his patients. Some of his skin cancer patients are long term GP patients too, others are referred to him from their usual GP and they continue to provide the GP care.

Where do you consult?

Dr Suresh consults at Kenmore General practice / Australian Skin Cancer Clinic, 900 Moggill Road, Kenmore, Brisbane. Despite working in Kenmore Dr Suresh sees patients all across Brisbane for both General Practice and Skin Cancer.

Where do you do your procedures?

Dr Suresh does all of his procedures at the General Practice / Skin Cancer Clinic. There is a fully equipped 4-bed treatment room available with all necessary facilities and equipment available.

Do you see DVA patients?

Absolutely. Dr Suresh recognises the sacrifice and hardship that veterans and their families can suffer. He is happy to welcome all DVA patients and he is also happy to participate in the DVA CVC program. If you have a DVA Gold Card and require this, or are not aware of what this is, please speak to Dr Suresh.

Bulk billing is available, but conditions do apply. See here for billing information.


Treatment of skin cancers

Dr Suresh offers both surgical and non surgical treatment of skin cancers, including curettage, creams, cryotherapy, daylight-PDT and skin cancer surgery


Chronic Disease Management

General Practitioners excel at caring for our patients with chronic diseases. We also do health assessments and care plans with our practice nurse including heart checks and health checks


Ease of access

Dr Suresh prides himself on being accessible to his patients. Same or next day appointments are often available, and urgent walk-ins will always be seen, although there may be a small wait


Same Day Biopsies

Shave and punch biopsies can be done on the same day as your appointment. They are done under local anaesthetic only so you can drive afterwards. Excision biopsies need to be booked in advance


Results by phone

Dr Suresh understands how busy you are and so he gives most results over the phone. He only asks you to come in if it is required, saving you time and money. Complicated results will be face to face


Low Gap Fees

Dr Suresh is a private billing doctor, although bulk billing is available. Where there are charges the gap fee is low. Some things can dealt with over the phone for a small fee

Do you need a full skin check or a mole check in Brisbane?


Dr Suresh is a GP and Skin Cancer Doctor. As such he provides all aspects of skin caner care and general practice in Brisbane.


Children of all ages, including newborn health checks and immunisations

Joint Problems

Joint and musculoskeletal problems are very common in General Practice 

Men's Health

All aspects of Men’s Health including health checks and prostate screening

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, including surgical and non surgical treatment options

Travel Medicine

Travel medicine including vaccinations. Dr Suresh is also Yeklow Fever vaccine certified

Minor Trauma

Dr Suresh is happy to see patients with minor trauma and is able to suture most wounds in the surgery

Women's Health

Contraception including Implanon-NXT insertion and removal, menopausal therapy, cervical cancer screening

Bulk Billing

Bulk billing available for consultations with patients with concession cards or health care cards 

Cancer Care

Unfortunately cancer is very common, but as a GP Dr Suresh can be there with you through the journey


For non-clinical enquiries

Book Online or call for appointments – 07 3878 4555

“I like to take a holistic approach to care. I pride myself on working in partnership with patients to achieve the best health for them. There’s no one-size-fits-all to chronic disease management, individualised care is required”

Dr Suresh Khirwadkar

GP and Skin Cancer Doctor


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