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Specialist General Practice

What can a GP do?

Fatigue and tiredness

Specialist Care

Dr Suresh is a specialist GP - he holds MRCGP and FRACGP qualifications, including his Medical Degree MBChB and BSc (HONS) from the UK

full medical team

Full Medical Team

General Practice utilises a full medical team, including nurses and reception staff. All highly trained and reliable, they are an absolutely essential part of your medical team



All routine vaccinations including childhood vaccinations, as well as extra vaccinations such as travel vaccinations and flu/covid vaccines are available in your appointment or with a prescription

Minor procedures

Minor Procedures

All manor of minor procedures offered including toenail excisions, implanon insertions/removals and minor cosmetic procedures, as well as skin cancer surgery

Mental Health

Stress and Mental Health

Dr Suresh has extra training in helping patients with mental health problems, and in particular how they can affect our physical health. Dr Suresh also offers counselling and psychotherapy for his patients

Heart Disease

Chronic Disease Management

No other speciality can come close to the depth and breadth of knowledge that GPs have when dealing with your Chronic Health Conditions - speak to Dr Suresh today

Men's Health

Men's Health

Get your Men's Health check with Dr Suresh and make sure that there's nothing to worry about. Your heart, your blood pressure, your weight, your prostate or your balls can all be checked easily

womens health

Worried About Your Risks

All aspects of women's health, gynaecology and obstetrics. Cervical Screening Tests (Pap Smears), breast checks, periods, endometriosis and PCOS, contraception and implanons

General Practice

Dr Suresh is a Specialist GP, holding fellowship with FRACGP and MRCGP qualifications as well as his Medical Degrees - MBChB and BSc (HONS)

This means he is highly trained and specialised in General Practice and delivering all the services GPs can provide, including excellent chronic disease management and primary care

Dr Suresh prides himself on hard working and doing the absolute best for his patients, in particular treating most conditions and chronic diseases without unnecessary referral to other specialists. However he will be more than happy to refer on if you request it, or he cannot diagnose or treat the condition himself. He has built a trusted network of other Specialists to refer to who can typically see the patients quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and money.

How many times have you felt fobbed off by a doctor, or they simply don't spend long enough with you to really explore your issues and help you to tackle your problems without just resorting to medications. It is often said that Doctors are too quick to reach for medications - well this is actually true. Dr Suresh tries to help his patients through long appointments, holistic care, and proper lifestyle interventions and mental health support, not just reaching for drugs.

Dr Suresh practices conventional medication and follows all current guidelines, but he also heavily practices Lifestyle Medicine. What can Lifestyle Medicine help with? Lots of conditions - but particularly those caused primarily through poor lifestyle. For example, Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Weight gain and Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Rashes and Dermatitis, Acne, etc. The list goes on! Lifestyle Medicine principles can be applied to any disease or illness though - we don't have to reach for medications straight away!

Minor Illness

All aspects of minor illness including trauma. Dr Suresh can deal with most fractures and traumatic wounds in the clinic without onward referral. If referral is required he can refer you to trusted Specialists who can typically see you quickly.


National Guidelines are followed with appropriate recalls with a fully computerised system to avoid missing any of those important tests. Dr Suresh is also extremely proactive and goes above and beyond the national guidelines to better aid your health.

Urgent Appointments

Same day appointments are usually possible, especially in an emergency. Walk ins emergencies will always be seen. No waiting 3 weeks just for a simple appointment. See your GP when you want to, not weeks down the line

Long Appointments

15, 30, 45, 60 minute appointments are available to book, including psychology and weight loss sessions as well as Lifestyle Medicine. No more being rushed out of the door or 'sorry only one problem per appointment' with Dr Suresh

Runs To Time

Dr Suresh hates running behind, he thinks it's rude and unprofessional. Emergencies happen and they can't be helped, but generally he runs to time and you can be confident you will be seen close to your appointment time, not waiting 1 hour

Private Billing

Allows Dr Suresh to offer the very best care, and long appointments. Did you know Medicare pays for around 2-3 minutes of the doctor's time? No wonder why Bulk Billing GPs rush you out of the door. Private billing allows him to spend as much time as needed

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