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Skin Cancer and Minor Procedures

Why book with Dr Suresh?


Specialist Care

Dr Suresh holds FRACGP and MRCGP and has advanved training in skin cancer detection and treatment, including minor procedures

long appointments

Long Appointments

As long as it takes to do a full skin check. Every single mark and mole is checked. No rushing!


Skin Cancer Biopsies

To provide accurate diagnosis and treatment planning


Surgical Procedures

All aspects of skin cancer surgery including advanced excisions and repairs (e.g. flap/graft)

quick results

Quick Results

Specially selected Pathology that provides rapid turnaround of results



Low gap fees and typically much lower than plastics/surgeons

you decide

On your terms

No set days/times for skin cancer work or surgery - book when you want to

minimal wait time

Minimal wait time

Typically can be booked in for surgery within 2-3 days

Skin Cancer - Detection and Treatment

Skin Cancer and Melanoma in particular are extremely common in Australia. In fact Australia is the 'skin cancer capital of the world' with the highest rates of any country, and it's increasing still!

Skin cancer is relatively easy to detect, and treat if it is found early enough. It's imperative that you get regular skin checks - typically once a year - starting from around age 18 onwards. Skin Cancer can still happen in younger people though so you must be vigilant and check your self and check others around you for signs of skin cancer.

Doing a self skin check is extremely important and may just save your life. You don't need to spend hours doing self skin checks, 30 seconds is enough to quickly screen yourself. If you think something is wrong, or something looks different, then see Dr Suresh for a full check and possibly a biopsy to rule out cancer.

Dr Suresh prides himself on high levels of care and surgical expertise. Cosmetic outcomes are not guaranteed but Dr Suresh does the very best job he can for his patients and likes to book slightly longer time for his procedures to ensure there is no rushing, resulting in a better cosmetic outcome.

Other minor procedures are available, including minor cosmetic removals like skin tags and mole removals. Please speak to Dr Suresh for more information on this service.


Very common and getting increasingly so in Australia, rates are still increasing! Thankfully Melanoma is relatively easy to diagnose and treat if you know what to look for and how to treat it. Surgical excision is always the recommended treatment option and the vast majority of melanomas can be safely removed by Dr Suresh. However, any Melanoma on the face will typically be referred to Plastic Surgeons.

Onward Referral

Referral to Plastics or other specialties will be facilitated for any skin cancer or other procedure if the patient requests it. We all have our preferences, and Dr Suresh takes no offence if his patients prefer to see a Plastic Surgeon for their procedure. Patient-centered care is extremely important to Dr Suresh and he will gladly refer you on if you wish to a surgeon of your choice, or he can make a recommendation.


Did you know that a low selenium level can increase your risk of all cancers including skin cancer? Do you know how to ensure you get a good intake of selenium? Do you even know what your levels are? Speak to Dr Suresh if you want to get tested for your vitamin levels including Metabolic Monitoring.


Did you know that Nicotinamide - Vitamin B3 - can potentially reduce the risk of skin cancer in high risk individuals by up to 30%? That is very significant, for just a simple tablet that costs around $10 a month. Taken twice a day, it can also significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. However, not all B3 is the same! Speak to Dr Suresh to ensure you get the right one for you.

Other Skin Cancers

Melanoma is very scary, but other skin cancers are still a problem and need to be found and treated. Thankfully they are relatively easy to detect and to treat, with many being able to be treated there and then with a simple procedure called a Curettage and Cautery (CxCx) - for example Solid BCC. You can have your skin cancer effectively cured within just a few minutes, with minimal recovery time and no stitches!

After Care

All normal after care is included in the fees with Dr Suresh, there is no additional fees when returning for sutures out or dressings when you book with Dr Suresh - for procedures he has performed. Not normal after care is usually bulk billed. If you see other doctors they may charge you.

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