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How can Dr Suresh help you lose weight?

Scientifically proven techniques to diagnose why you can't lose weight and treatment for rapid and sustained weight loss

Fatigue and tiredness

Intermittent Fasting

Many people have heard of intermittent fasting (IF). 5:2, 16:8. But what about 20:4, 24 hour fasts, OMAD, Warrior Diet, ADF. etc. These are all common methods for doing IF, but what is it and why is it successful? Dr Suresh can help you with IF and whatever regimen you want to do. IF works by dramatically lowering your insulin resistance - one of the main reasons we have a high weight set point - and IF can lower it!

Weight gain / loss

Low carb diet

What is a low carb diet and how can you safely do it? Low carb typically refers to below 70g of net carbohydrates per day - that is - total carbohydrates minus the dietary fibre. Very low carb would typically be below 50g of net carbs, and Ketogenic diet below around 30-40g of net carbs per day. High carbohydrates can be very inflammatory to the body and it's generally a very healthy diet to eat low net carbs.

Low immune system

Ketogenic Diet

What is a keto diet and how to safely implement it? Dr Suresh can help you. Many patients worry about eating a lot of fat - you don't actually have to do that on keto - but even if you do - it's not necessarily unhealthy. In fact, it can be very healthy. Fat is not bad. Bad fat is bad! Good fat is good! Even some saturated fats can be healthy for us and can even completely reverse heart disease. Keto isn't for everyone though.

Poor Sleep


Did you know that you will always struggle to lose weight unless you are getting a reasonably quantity and quality of sleep? We used to think weight gain caused sleep apnoea - now we know it's probably the other way around! Inadequate sleep is a major cause of chronically elevated cortisol - a stress hormone - that amongst other things - makes us fat! If your cortisol is high you will struggle to lose weight.

Mental Health

Stress and Mental Health

Just like poor sleep, having a lot of stress or other mental health issues may cause a chronically elevated cortisol level, which will definitely impact your weight. Even 'normal' cortisol levels can cause weight problems - unless it's below around 250, it's elevated! Many MH Medications can also cause weight gain - speak to Dr Suresh if this is happening to you, and lets see what he can do to help you address your mental health and lose weight.

Heart Disease

Heart Health

We all know being over weight is associated with heart disease, but why? Well it's mostly not the fat, but moreso the reasons WHY we are fat. Losing fat - more accurately correcting the reasons why we are fat - can dramatically lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and lots of other health conditions. Even Keto diets - lots of fat typically - can be very healthy for your heart. Don't believe me - just Google Omega 3 Fatty Acids!


Weight Set Point

We've all been there and done that. You struggle to lose weight, or you manage to lose some weight but then as soon as you stop that calorie controlled diet, you just ping back to where you started! How frustrating! But why did this happen? The Weight Set Point phenomenon. But why did it happen? What caused the high weight set point? Most likely your insulin levels - speak to Dr Suresh to get a check and to discuss how you can lower your set point.

worried about your risks?

Prolonged Fasting

Prolonged fasts can be very healthy and have lots of benefits, but must be done under medical supervision, especially if you take any medications. They can be a fantastic way of losing weight both rapidly and in a sustained fashion by dramatically lowering your weight set point, but you are at risk of electrolyte imbalances and refeeding syndrome. It can be easily mitigated and the risk dramatically lowered with proper metabolic monitoring and guidance.

What weight loss services are available?

Dr Suresh is happy to offer all aspects of weight loss treatment to his patients, with the only restriction being that he does not prescribe a particular drug for rapid weight loss (for legal and AHPRA reasons we cannot state the name). This is because it is not shown to produce any long term benefits, in fact it has repeatedly been shown to cause weight gain in the long run, and it is also associated with significant risks and dangers, particularly to the heart and there are many case studies demonstrating patients suffering sudden massive heart attacks. It is also highly addictive, and very expensive. You are much better served putting that money towards better food.

Weight loss with or without medications. Medications can be a useful adjunct and help us to lose weight, but moist are not shown to be of any major benefit in the long run. In particular many peopel who take medications to lose weight tend to not lose as much because they rely on the medications to do the hard work for them. This is not the best way to lose weight either quickly or sustainably.

Full vitamin and mineral testing prior to any weight loss journey, and referral for detailed metabolic testing and body compisition scans if requested - speak to Dr Suresh about this. RMR testing can be very useful to really check what your metabolic rate is, and is avilable from around $70 per test. Body comp scans are usually around $85 including a free bone density check and appointment with an Exercise Physiologist to explain the results.

Long term monitoring. If you can lose weight, then fantastic. But how do you know you haven't caused any problems with your RMR or your vitamins and minerals? Dr Suresh offers long term monitoring for your journey, either through his concierge medicine service or via appointment.

Weight loss is not guaranteed and your results may vary, but speak to Dr Suresh today to start your journey to being a healthier, happier you.

Visceral Fat

Do you know what Visceral fat is? and why is it important? Visceral fat is the fat that surrounds our organs and is metabolically active. It increases the risk of many diseases but particularly type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. You can estimate if you have a high level of visceral fat - if your belly is big and tense but not much 'pinchable' fat - you have high visceral fat! Speak to Dr Suresh today to discuss how a body composition scan can help you to check your visceral fat levels.

Metabolic Monitoring

Proper checking and monitoring of our essential vitamin levels, cholesterol, insulin resistance levels, fasting glucose and diabetes checks is very important to ensure we are not just losing fat, but maintaining our health and ideally gaining positive health benefits along the journey. Speak to Dr Suresh about his metabolic monitoring program to see how this may help you get healthy and stay healthy with regular blood tests and interpretation of the results.

Lose weight fast - and keep it off!

Yes you can lose weight rapidly, and keep it off long term, and we mean fat not muscle! By combining a program of prolonged fasting, intermittent fasting and resistance training - ideally with heavy weights - you can lose rapidly lose weight and keep it off. This is extremely healthy and can dramtically reduce your risk of many conditions, but needs proper monitoring and guidance to ensure your safety and reduce the risks of adverse effects.

Insulin Resistance

Extremely common - almost every single patient I test has high levels of Insulin Resistance. But what can it cause? Almost everything! ALl those things that you just put down to 'getting older', weight gain, tiredness, lethargy, fatigue, aches and pains - they may all be high insulin resistance. Fixing it is easy - just speak to Dr Suresh.


Do you know what your cortisol levels are? Why does it matter? Well a chronically elevated Cortisol level can lead to fatigue, weight gain, lethargy, low immune system and dramatically increases your risk of heart disease, cancer and dementia. Even 'normal' results may not be - you need to know what levels to look for - Dr Suresh can help.

Do it your way

With or without medications. Medications can be utilised for weight loss, but whilst they can be very effective they do carry side effects, some particularly significant. Speak to Dr Suresh about this if you are keen to add medications to help you on your weight loss journey. They can be helpful but are definitely NOT required.

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